About St Erisian's
Founded in 1866, our school has stood against flood, famine and flame, disasters that have left no evidence of their cause despite the accusations of the local authorities. Learn more about our little school, the most solid in England.
Meet the Headmistress
As each ship must have a captain, so does St Erisian's have our own valued Headmistress. Let this well-loved dame of education share her wisdom on life at St Erisian's.
  School Rules
The rules that govern life at St Erisian's can be easily obtained in this handy book that the girls entitled 'Hellcats and Hockeysticks'. The little scamps!
  Learning Resources
Every school needs to offer its pupils the resources to really teach its pupils what they need to learn. Here you will find an array of lesson plans and forms that will help you keep some semblance of order in the classroom.


  Visit the 6th Form
Our 6th form are not only fellow students but are also an example for the younger girls. The older girls are an inspiration, always looking to involve the younger girls in their endeavours.