Here is a more detailed listing of all the books I've worked on, and what I actually did.

Alderac Entertainment Group

Behind the Veil (August 2007) - Author

Detail on the powers and position of the Vodacce Strega


Noblesse Oblige (October 2005) - Author

A Guide to the Courts of Théah


Novus Ordum Mundi (June 2005) - Contributing Author

The Darkest Society

3 of the Inner Circle
The Burning Fortress
Behind the Curtain


The Jenny's Guild (August 2004) - Author

The Vendal Guilds Book 2


The Wine List (August 2004) - Author

A Guide to the Wines of Théah

Rapier's Edge

Rapier's Edge (February 2004) - Contributing Author

Sophia's Daughters Adventure Seeds

Tower of Faith (not this final version, but I was one of the developers)

Knights and Musketeers

Knights and Musketeers (December 2003) - Contributing Author

The Knights of Elaine

The Fianna (the O'Bannon's Guard)

Pre-Generated NPCs (except Sir Padyn)

Sample Campaigns (except The Eisenfurst Bride)

The Web of Flies (Incliding Nyle Piram & Jennifer Strand)

Who Watches the Witches

The Sidhe Book of Nightmares

The Sidhe Book of Nightmares (October 2003) - Contributing Author

Sidhe Society (except Seelie & UnSeelie)

Sailing on Waves of Mist (including Sidhe Ships & Crews)
Trading with the Sidhe

Bryn Bresail - When Mist Meets Dream
Places in Bryn Bresail (including Where Water Flows)

Faileas School (& D20 School conversions)

Walking in the Mists (as a Player) and D20 Sidhe conversions

Ships and Sea Battles

Ships and Sea Battles (August 2003) - Contributing Author

Harbours Section

But is She Fast? - Smugglers

What to Smuggle (including Hafen)

Smuggler NPCs

Strongholds and Hideouts

Strongholds and Hideouts (April 2003) - Contributing Author

The House of Silent Anguish (Villanova)

The Temple of Longing (Lawrence Lugh)

(This is the first book anybody ever paid me to write for, so it has very fond memories. It paid for a very nice meal for my girlfriend and me to celebrate with.)

Crow's Nest Issue 5

Crow's Nest Issue 5 - Contributing Author

Escaping the Game

AKA Games
AKA Games

Our Darkest Hour (July 2016) - Editing and Development

Editing the translation and a few development tweaks as I went


Check Mate (June 2016) - Editing and Additional Writing

Editing the translation and a few development tweaks as I went



First Contact Core Rulebook (March 2016) - Editing and Development

Editing the translation and a few development tweaks as I went


First Contact - Quickstart Guide (January 2015) - Contributing Author

Editing and collating the adventures

Introduction to the game and rules detail

Battlefield Press
Battlefield Press

Gamers for Hope - Contributing Author
Charity Project for the Tsunami Aid Appeal

The Blood of Hope (for Vampire the Requiem)

Justin Wildestone - Gay Werewolf Hunter (Unisystem)



Cakebread & Walton
Cakebread & Walton

Underneath the Lamplight (July 2013) - Author

The Neovictorian sourcebook, all me!

Chaosium Publishing
7th Sea Second Edition

Cities of Faith and Wonder (Upcoming 2022) - Contributing Author

Carleon, Capital of Avalon

Call of Cthulhu

Regency Cthuhlu (December 2022) - Author

Most of the book apart from the modern version of Tarryford and many of the extra sidebars and amendments.

Clockwork Publishing
Clockwork Publishing

Nocturne in the City of Lights (January 2017) - Author

A Parisian adventure for Space 1889

Community Content - DM's Guild

To Free the Storm (April 2020) - Author


When a dragon asks you to do a job, you had better say yes.

Originally written as an intro adventure for a series of dungeon tiles by Toy Vault that didn't occur.

Community Content - Explorer's Society

Behind the Veil (April 2020) - Author

Expanded detail on Fate Witches and Sorte


Half Bloods & Twice Bloods (November 2019) - Author

Minor sorcery and twin sorcery options for magic in 7th Sea


Bookend: The High Price of Love (July 2019) - Author

Two encounters to expand 'The High Price of Love' Adventure


Are You Speaking To Me? (Explorer's Society) (April 2019) - Author

Using languages in 7th sea


The Duellist Academy (Explorer's Society) (July 2018) - Author

A new system for combat in 7th sea, including conversion rules for advantages and duellist schools


Rooksholme Inn (Explorer's Society) (July 2018) - Author

The Inns of Théah: Avalon

Detail about inns and drinking in Avalon

A fully detailed example inn called 'Rooksholme Inn'


The Doctor Will See You Now (Explorer's Society) (March 2018) - Author

A collection of doctors and healers and options for how a poverty struck group of adventurers might pay them for their help.


All the World's a Stage (Explorer's Society) (September 2017) - Author

A Guide to Theatre and Theatricals in Théah


Sharper than any Blade (Explorer's Society) (May 2017) - Author

Using the dueling rules for social contests

(Update of my original 1st edition article)


Mirage (Explorer's Society) (May 2017) - Author

A new Montaigne sorcery using mirrors


Vergogne - City of Romance (Explorer's Society) (May 2017) - Author

Detail on the Montaigne city of Vergogne


Hearts and Harlots (Explorer's Society) (May 2017) - Author

Jenny and the Jennys Guild

(Update of my original 1st edition article)


Razor Sharp Dalliance (Explorer's Society) (April 2017) - Author

Fans in Théah


The Wine List (Explorer's Society) (April 2017) - Author

Alcohol and its traditions across Théah

(Update of my original 1st edition article)

Community Content - Storyteller's Vault

Falling From Grace (April 2017) - Author

A new system for Paths of Enlightenment for Vampire 5th Edition

Corone Design
Corone Design

Opera House (January 2021) - Author

An RPG and theatre sourcebook set in the surreal Royal Grand Opera House.

Created with a successful Kickstarter campaign


Cabal (March 2017) - Author

An RPG where the players share the same character, an organisation. They then send out teams of their employees to further that organisation's aggenda.

Created with a successful Kickstarter campaign


Dance of the Damned (October 2010) - Author

A storytelling game of decadence and despair
Based on Poe's Masque of the Red Death


Technogrammaton (June 2010) - Author

A world where Islam not Christianity took over the west. Finally a use for my religion degree with a dash of FATE.



Hellcats and Hockeysticks (December 2009) - Author

Anarchic schoolgirls, whats not to like?


Indie RPG Award 2nd runner up - 'Best Game' and 'Most Innovative Game' 2009


Doom and Cookies (August 2009) - Author

My entry into the 2009 1KM1KT 24 hour rpg contest.

Available for FREE on Drivethrurpg!

Pie Shop RPG

Pie Shop RPG (December 2004) - Author

I am Mr Toad

(Preview edition released in August 2004)

Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Cubicle 7 / Victoriana
Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space - Second Edition

Adventures in Space (July 2022) - Contributing Author

Chapter 3 - Into Space

Chapter 4 - What Wonderful Worlds



Secrets of Scaravore (July 2022) - Contributing Author

The Campaign Overview

The Mandala of Scaravore adventure



Second Edition Core Rulebook (July 2021) - Contributing Author

Some of the system development

Chapter 4 - Time Travel

Some of the Monsters in chapter 5


Doctors and Daleks 5e Edition

Player's Guide (July 2022) - Contributing Author

My parts from the 2e Core Rulebook, but not the updating

A little early development


Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space - First Edition

The Twelfth Doctor Sourcebook (January 2020) - Contributing Author

Co-written with Walt Ciechanowski


Ennie Award Nomination - Best Supplement 2020


The Black Archive (February 2017) - Contributing Author

Co-written with Walt Ciechanowski


Ennie Award Nomination - Best Supplement 2018


Paternoster Investigations (December 2016) - Contributing Author

Co-written with Walt Ciechanowski


Gamemaster's Companion (December 2016) - Contributing Author

Various entries across the book


The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook (January 2015) - Contributing Author

The Fourth Doctor adventure 'Nowhere'


The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook (September 2014) - Author

This one was all mine!


Doctor Who - Limited Anniversary Editon (March 2014) - Contributing Author

'A Big Ball of Timey Whimey Stuff'
and much of 'All the Stange, Strange Creatures'


Ennie Award Nomination - Best Family Game 2015



The Fourth Doctor Sourcebook (January 2014) - Contributing Author

The later part of the era from 'Key to Time'

Romana, Nyssa and the later companions

Written with Walt Ciechanowski who wrote the early part of the era


Ennie Award Nomination - Best Supplement 2015



The Time Traveller's Companion (April 2013) - Contributing Author

Temporal Anomilies, TARDIS themes and damage, Time Lords etc


Silver Ennie Award Winner - Best Supplement 2013

Ennie Award Nomination - Best Writing 2013

Ennie Award Nomination - Product of the Year 2013



Defending the Earth (Sept 2012) - Contributing Author

Campaign design, Security clearence, UNIT bases etc


Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Revised Edition (June 2012) - Contributing Author

'A Big Ball of Timey Whimey Stuff'
and much of 'All the Stange, Strange Creatures'

Also the adventures 'Knight of the comet' and 'Ashes of the Daleks'


Gold Ennie Award Winner - Best Family Game 2013

Ennie Award Nomination - Best Production Values 2013


Aliens and Creatures (Sept 2010) - Contributing Author

The Daleks, Hath, Judoon, Pyrovile & Vasta Nerada


Ennie Award Nomination - Best Monster/Adversary 2011


Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space - Contributing Author

'A Big Ball of Timey Whimey Stuff'
and much of 'All the Stange, Strange Creatures'


Ennie Award Nomination - Product of the Year 2010

Lone Wolf Adventure Game

Adventures of the Kai - Contributing Author

Adventure - 'For Richer for Poorer'

Vault 5e

Uncharted Journeys (Dec 2022) - Contributing Author

Several of the encounter tables



Victoriana - ( Line Developer 2006-2012)


Liber Magica (Feb 2014) - Contributing Author

Detail on the Guild and some of the new magic rules


The Smoke - Revised (Feb 2012) - Author

An expansion and update of the previous edition



Beastmen of Britain (Nov 2011) -Editing & Additional Writing

A few tweaks, an intro and detail on half breeds.


The Havering Adventures (Feb 2011) - Author

A series of convention adventures and the characters to play them with.


Jewel of the Empire (Dec 2010) - Editing & Additional writing

A few tweaks to Walt's excellent work


Faces in the Smoke Volume 2 (Nov 2010) - Editing & Contributing Author

Introduction and development

The Adventurer's Society

The Secret Carnival



Faces in the Smoke Volume 1 (Oct 2010) - Editing & Contributing Author

Introduction and development


Faulkner's Millinery and Miscellanea (Oct 2009) - Editor/Contributing Author

The equipment and lifestyle guide for Victoriana.
I put the book together and also wrote the introduction and the chapter on costume



The Marylebone Mummy (Nov 2008) - Editing and Additional Writing

An adventure for Victoriana, currently on pdf due for print release very soon.


Victoriana 2nd Edition Corebook (August 2007)- Editing and Revising

Far more work than I expected.

General update of all the chapters and system co-designer

Also, Line Developer and Editor


Silver Ennie Award Winner - Best Writing 2010


7th Circle / Cubicle 7
7eme Cercle - Translations Manager 2012 -2015

Avalon (May 2015) - Editor

Editing and Development

Scenario - The Witch of Bryn Ryth

Keltia Core Rulebook (May 2015) - Editor

Editing and Development


Kuro - Tensei (November 2015) - Editor & Additional Writing

Development edit and campaign epilogue

Kuro - Makkura (July 2014) - Editor & Additional Writing

Editing, Development and a few aditional story seeds


Kuro - The Last Stop (Jan 2014) - Author

An adventure for Kuro, including six pre-generated characters


Kuro Core Rulebook (Nov 2012) - Editor

Editing, Line Development and a little additional writing

Qin - The Warring States

The Art of War (February 2013) - Developer

Project management and development

Qin Legends (Nov 2009) - Editor

Editing of the translation and a certain degree of project management


Uppsala (July 2015) - Editing

Initial edit on the early part of the text


Kings of the Sea (October 2014) - Editing

Development and a little additional writing

The Nine Worlds (February 2014) - Editing

Development and a little additional writing

Yggdrasill Core Rulebook (August 2012) - Editing

Last minute editing and development

Eden Studios
Eden Studios
Worlds of the Dead (May 2006) - Contributing Author

Deadworld - Necropolis Ascendent
Buffy Revised Corebook (December 2005) - Additional Writing

Playtesting and some of the series character updates,
as well as a bit of quote sorting

Buffy RPG Character Journal (December 2004) - Author

Original draft of the contents.


ESP Volume 1 (May 2004) - Contributing Author

Spacefarers and Praire Folk


Angel RPG Corebook (December 2003) - Additional Writing

Season 1 Overview and general playtesting


Origins Award 2003 Best Roleplaying Game


The Magic Box (June 2003) - Additional Writing

Bell, Book and Candle


Monster Smackdown (April 2003) - Additional Writing

Vampire Hunters

E N Publishing
E N Publishing

The Judge Child (August 2021) - Contributing Author

Chapter 4 - Judging the Galaxy



Luna - 1 (June 2019) - Contributing Author

Some of the careers and new rules

The Luna 1 Campaign

Adventures on Luna 1

Sundance Rising (perp/civilian adventure)


The Robot Wars (February 2019) - Author

All the insanity of robots in Mega City One is mine!

Green Ronin
Green Ronin / (Games Workshop)

Blue Rose Core Rulebook (January 2017) - Contributing Author

The Wedding Planners (Series Framework)


Ennie Award Nomination - Best Art, Cover 2017

The WFRP Companion - Contributing Author

Freaks, Thieves and Travelling Folk - Carnivals in the Old World

(now with Cubicle 7)


Ennie Award Honourable Mention - Best Rules 2007

Ennie Award Nomination - Best Supplement 2007

Immanion Press
Immanion Press
Wraeththu RPG

Wraeththu RPG Corebook (March 2005) - Additional Writing

Women and Inception

Aruna and the Single Gamer

General Playtesting

Margaret Weis Productions
Margaret Weis Productions

Ghosts in the Black (May 2015) - Contributing Author

Tombstone Bullets and a Graveyard Mind

The Hellhound Trail


The Affair of the Orb (January 2015) - Development

Adventure for Dragon Raiders

Not much specifically mine, although I was part of the development team


Things Don't Go Smooth (December 2014) - Contributing Author

Introduction, notes on antagonists

The Unexplained and other Varmints


Shooting Fish (September 2013) - Author

Adventure for firefly, also found in the Gen-Con preview


Firefly RPG (Gen-Con Preview) (August 2013) - Contributing Author

Adventure - Shooting Fish


Grifters & Masterminds (February 2012) - Contributing Author

The Grifter's Chapter

Serenity RPG

Serenity RPG Corebook (August 2005) - Contributing Author

Chapter 7 (Guide to the 'Verse) and Development work


Origins Award 2005 Gamer’s Choice Best RPG

Gold Ennie Award Winner - Best Production Values 2006

Modiphius Entertainment
Dune: Adventures in the Imperium (Lead Writer 2020 onwards)

The Great Game: Houses of the Landraad (March 2023) - Contributing Author


House Kenola

House Management



Masters of Dune (December 2022) - Contributing Author

Introduction, Concept and Development


Desert Flower (October 2022) - Author

All me again, a party/heist adventure investigation

Agents of Dune (June 2022) - Contributing Author

Much amending and adding and development


Sand and Dust (2021) - Contributing Author


Some of the Fremen bits

Development and additional writing


Desertfall Adventure (November 2021) - Author

All me again, reprint of preview with some tweaks


Wormsign Quickstart (August 2021) - Author

All me this time


Gamemaster's Toolkit (2021) - Contributing Author

The Star Princess


Core Rulebook ( 2021) - Contributing Author


Bene Tleilax, Faith in the Imperium

House Creation

Some of the GM Chapter


Gold Ennie Award Winner - Best Writing 2022



Corebook Preview (December 2020) - Contributing Author

Adventure - Desertfall

Pregenerated Characters


Spoils of War (Febriuary 2022) - Author

An adventure set after a horrific battle.


Technology of the Human Sphere (July 2022) - Contributing Author

Chapter 2 - Comfort and Style

Chapter 4 - Infiltration and Security

Chaptr 5 - Mind and Body


Hypercorps (April 2022) - Contributing Author

The Group of Five (all ten of them!)

Vampire the Masquerade (5th Ed)

The Fall of London (March 2020) - Contributing Author

Chapter 2 - Sunset of Flames

Chapter 6 - Gods and Monsters (Editing)

Pregen Characters

Star Trek Adventures

Strange New Worlds (November 2019) - Contributing Author

Footfall Adventure

The Operations Division (November 2018) - Contributing Author

Star Fleet Intelligence

Section 31

These are the Voyages - Volume 1 (September 2017) - Contributing Author

Adventure - Border Dispute

Pelgrane Press
Pelgrane Press

Blood on the Snow (August 2013) - Contributing Author

Vice and Virtue, a Jane Austen setting


Ennie Award Nomination - Best Supplement 2014

Posthuman Studios
Posthuman Studios
Sunward (August 2010) - Contributing Author

The Planetary Consortium (I love doing the bad guys :-)

Eclipse Phase (August 2009) - Additional Writing

I was glad to get a sidebar into the main book, and I've been part of the design forum.


Gold Ennie Award Winner - Best Writing 2010

Origins Award 2009 Best Roleplaying Game

Postmortem Studios
Postmortem Studios

ImagiNation (October 2012) - Contributing Author

Adventure - The Silent Lighthouse


Autopsy Magazine #1 (April 2005) - Contributing Author

Article - What's Love got to do with it? (Romance and Role-playing)

Renegade Game Studios
Renegade Game Studios
Hunter the Reckoning (5th Ed)

Lines Drawn in Blood (April 2023) - Contributing Author

Adventure one - Pressure Test

(and some pregens that didn't make it to the book)

My Little Pony (Essence 20)

Core Rulebook (June 2023) - Contributing Author/Developer

General development with many tweaks and finishing touches

Vampire the Masquerade (5th Ed)
Rite Publishing

Dawn of the Dwimmerlaik (April 2014) - Author

'Threats' supplement for Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

River Horse
River Horse

The Haunting of Equestria (April 2014) - Author

An adventure for 'Tales of Equestria' taking the characters to other worlds during Nightmare Night

Simian Publishing

Apotheosis Fiction Anthology (October 2015) - Contributing Author

Opening Story - 'The Smiling People'


Toy Vault
Toy Vault

Guilder Gazeteer (May 2019) - Author

A complete setting for the Princess Bride RPG (Kickstarter stretch goal)

White Wolf / Onyx Path

Lore of the Bloodlines (March 2017) - Contributing Author

The Daughters of Cacophony

The True Brujah


The Cainite Conspiracies (October 2016) - Contributing Author

Sand and Dust



Ghouls and Revenants (June 2016) - Contributing Author

Chapter 1 - Blood is Life


Lore of the Clans (December 2015) - Contributing Author

Clan Lasombra

Clan Nosferatu

Clan Tremere

Songs of the Sun and Moon (June 2014) - Contributing Author

The Ananazi Story - 'Threads of Steel and Glass

Victorian Lost (June 2012) - Contributing Author

Story Links - The Tearing Smile

Chapter 1 - The Yellow Fog


Why Not Games
Why Not Games


Tales from the Rocket Age (May 2018) - Contributing Author

Third Story - 'Spies, Lies and Allies'


Valkyrie Magazine
Caliver Books


Valkyrie Magazine, Issue 28 (Winter 2003)

Article - You Too Can be a Games Writer (Writing Advice)

Review - The Two Towers Sourcebook (Lord of the Rings)

Valkyrie 26

Valkyrie Magazine, Issue #26 (Summer 2003)

Article - Delicatesse Sword School (7th sea)


Valkyrie Magazine, Issue #24 (Winter 2001)

Article - The Travelling Company of Kakita Mariko (Legend of the 5 Rings)

Review - Maiden Voyage (Penumbra D20)


Valkyrie Magazine, Issue #23 (Summer 2001)

Review - Way of the Shadowlands (Legend of the 5 Rings)


Valkyrie Magazine, Issue #22 (Spring 2001)

Article - Will I Dream (Computers in Role-Play) - Co-writer

Review - The Way of Shinsei (Legend of the 5 Rings)



Valkyrie Magazine, Issue #21 (Autumn 2000)

Article - No More Mr Nice Guy (Evil Role-Playing)

Review - Way of the Wolf (Legend of the 5 Rings)


Valkyrie 20

Valkyrie Magazine, Issue #20 (Spring 2000)

Article - Mirage Sorcery (7th sea)

Article - Demi-Humans Required (Ode to a 10 foot pole)

Review - Purgatory RPG


Valkyrie Magazine, Issue #4 (December 1994)

Article -Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Ravenloft)

Review - Kindred Most Wanted (White Wolf)