Here are a few of my stories. I hid them here so you don't have to see them unless you go looking, but I'm glad you were interested. These are just the ones that are of note in some way, or the ones I like but that probably won't find a home. I hope you enjoy both. No fan-fiction here yet, but give it time!

Forgotten Confession  
This was my entry in the World of Darkness novel competition. My synopsis was one of the 100 winners of round one, but this chapter didn't make the winning cut for round 2. However, while it didn't make the top 5, it did make the top ten so I got close. Hopefully White Wolf will be interested in the rest one day *hopeful sigh*.
At the Water's Edge  
Bit of poetry, inevitable on a site like this I know. This one managed to come 4th in a competition (which you are unlikly to have heard of) which was enough to merit inclusion here.
Chance Meeting  
Fun story that fills in a few gaps in the Bible. It got published in 'Visionary Tongue' magazine, a writing project run by Storm Constantine and other writers. This isn't the form it was published in, as I don't have a digital copy, but you get the idea.
Clawmarks in the Reflection  
I entered this in 'Richard and Judy's' short story for children competition to my shame. You can decide if it was a crime or justice that it didn't win! :-)
Came Forth Sweetness  
Something else that didn't win anything! Entered into Eden Studio's Zombie short story competition. Again, see what you think.
Her Kiss is Deeper  
Quick vampire short story. Again, like the poetry, there had to be at least one here! However, this one came from thinking about vamps who wouldn't be Goths!
Waiting for the man  
This is my first piece of writing to get publised in a proper magazine. The magazine was called 'Broadsword' (issue 3) but I've not heard of it since it printed my story. I hope that isn't a coincedence.
He's smiling at me  
The first thing that I ever got into print, even if it was the local Parish magazine! I'll write for anyone that will print my stuff, but religeon remains something I'm rather interested in.